A small white space station floats through space. On it is a single very tall spire. Two unidentifiable and distant shapes move quickly towards the station. 
Scene 2 - INT- SCHOOL
Inside the highest spire is a boarding school, and within it a classroom.
NICKEL, a young student, is presenting her project. It's a small, colorful robot with an antenna, whisk attachments, and a bowl beneath. The board behind her reads “Project Day: “Take A Whisk!” She takes a small bow and presses the button on a remote control she holds. The robot explodes into a cloud of smoke, covering Nickel. She coughs, then a shadow falls over her. She looks up at the teacher looming over her severely, tapping a pencil against a clipboard. Nickel is frightened for a moment, then a loud siren blares, with bright red emergency lights. The teacher slinks off and classmates evacuate. Nickel takes a moment to herself to pick up her robot and frown at it. The building rumbles! She starts, then leaves.
Nickel opens the door from her classroom and runs through the school hallway, holding her robot under one arm. Behind her many large, open windows fly by. Whenever a window passes outside can be seen a battle between a white figure in a 21st-century spacesuit wearing a wizard hat and cape, SPACE WIZARD, and a large colorful snake-like space monster. SW is firing shots of light from a Star-shaped wand, but the monster is dodging. Nickel doesn't notice any of this behind her. 
Nickel runs out of the spire exit, wearing a space helmet now, when immediately behind her the monster lands with a crash! The monster is wrapped up in magic and struggling. Nickel turns, startled. She's stunned looking at it when SW lands in front of her with heroic flourish! They point their wand at the space monster, who hisses and slinks off quickly. SW follows, and Nickel follows immediately afterward, dropping her robot and leaving it behind.
A miscellaneous courtyard filled with stacks of boxes. The monster takes up a lot of room in it. Its looking around for a different exit, as it's trapped itself. SW slides into the courtyard. The monster notices and turns, swiping at them with its tailSW dives under, rolls, And comes up taking a shot with their wand. and takes a shot with their wand. The Monster roars as it is hit, and explodes into magical-looking smoke and sludge. SW lifts their wand and gives themself a magical shield bubble as the sludge lands around at waist height globs. Out of the rubble to their side pops Nickel! SW is startled and drops the wand as they flinch. Nickel explodes with energy, gesturing and reenacting the fight and magic with Big Movements. She grabs SW’s hand and smiles big! beat. She gestures between the two of them with her free hand, eyebrows raised. Smiles big again. Her most earnest “teach me that” expression! SW looks, then shakes their head NO! They gesture and “Danger” signs appear around them. Nickel is upset. SW puts a hand on her shoulder…. Then they turn her right around and give a small push towards the school. She turns back around just as they give a salute and shoot off back to space. She's looking up, frowning, then looks down and notices wand. She picks it up, excited, and gives it a try….nothing. Frustrated, she puts the wand in a back pocket then crosses her arms and frowns severely. Nickel is in the pose as she is walking in the street, in the school hallway, in the classroom. (montage)

Nickel is in this pose, no space helmet, in a classroom with no desks and big workshop tables when her robot gets shoved back into her arms. Her teacher is there, and points sternly at the robot, at nickel, raises her eyebrows… then leaves. Nickel places the robot on the table and rubs her hands on her face in a frustrated gesture. She stares at it, then remembers something! She pulls the wand out of her pocket and gives it a good look. She looks back at the machine, thinks a moment, then swaps the antenna of the machine with the wand. She backs up a few steps, then presses button on remote, flinching with eyes closed. Beat. She opens one eye to look. The robot is still, then starts shuddering. Smoke puffs out that suddenly begins to look like the space sludge from the monster earlier. It covers the robot, then shoots upwards into a robot monster with big, club-like attachments. Nickel drops the remote. The whisk clubs slam down, breaking the remote. It looms over Nickel, then a loud siren blares, with bright red emergency lights. 
SW is flying through space to their next destination when a few asteroids fly by, then a larger asteroid right in front of them! SW brandishes their wand to shoot it away, when they realize its missing. They look up, and are smacked by the asteroid.
The robot monster has gotten to the outside of the spire and is clinging to it, roaring and smashing windows in. 
Nickel is standing outside the school entrance, looking up with A Look. Suddenly SW falls next to her with a Smack, knocked back from space. Nickel starts, SW lifts their head up, then they both recognize each other, pointing! SW stands and gestures for their wand. Nickel winces and points up. Cut to monster at top of spire. SW’s shoulders drop. They crouch, then shoot upwards.
SW flies up to top of spire where the robot monster is. They spot where the wand is embedded into the robot, but when they start to fly forward, they can't get through the monster’s swinging arms.
Nickel is looking up and follows SW as they float back down to the ground. SW is in a thinking pose, foot tapping. Nickel gets their attention, then points back and forth at the both of them, smiling shyly. SW looks.
They're flying! SW is carrying Nickel by the hands. She's determined. They approach the monster, who notices them. SW swings Nickel around and tosses her, but is immediately grabbed by monster, immobile. Nickel flies, lands on top of it and scrambles to grab the wand. The monster is moving around, but She tugs hard and pulls it out. The robot stops moving. Nickel lifts the wand to show SW, who cheers. Nickel takes out the antennae and turns back to replace it, when the robot rumbles. The robot tips, and falls from off the side of the spire.
They're falling! Nickel is falling below them holding the wand and antennae. SW is still caught in robot hand and can't fly! SW gets her attention and waves their arm in a wand motion. Nickel tries waving the wand frantically, but nothing happens! SW points to their left hand. Nickel looks at her left hand.. Where the antennae is! She tries waving the antennae, and just in time, a shield bubble appears around her! The bubble hits the ground, and bounces right back up. SW is celebrating her success until they notice the ball bouncing right back towards them. They both go flying as SW is knocked out of the robot hand.
The robot crashes to the ground, while the shield bubble with SW on it fly off into the distance.
The bubble rolls into a wall, smacking SW into it and popping open. SW slides to the ground and Nickel stands triumphant! She celebrates her success, shooting her new wand left and right. SW holds their head and gets up. Nickel turns and returns the star wand. SW takes it, then pauses. They use the wand to conjure a new wizard hat! It lands on Nickel. She is ecstatic. 

[Star wipe?]
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